Is there trouble in River City?

So it’s day 2 at a fairly swank RV park in Tucson, where I am staying for just a few days. I’m on my way out in the morning to spend the day with some of my favorite people, and one of the seasonal residents flags me down to day hello. At least, that’s how he presented it. Mind you, I’m driving my SUV out the gate and he’s on foot, so he has to really want to talk to me to flag me down like that. I quickly realized he was not just being friendly, he was trying to figure out if I was the right kind of person — it was an interview, not a conversation. Was I old enough to be staying here? (You have to be at least 40). Was my lifestyle compatible with theirs? Where did I really live the rest of the time? After a few questions, he decided to write me off and the interview was abruptly canceled. Fine with me, I wanted to get on with my day anyway. But it does trouble me that even in this peaceful, natural, trouble-free setting, he went looking for it. 

I am driving cross-country!

So you can ignore my old post (way down the page) that says I have stopped updating my blog. I’m about to start again. Really. This time for sure. I just need to stop driving long enough to write things down. Stay tuned…